A Call To Action: Using my #AD to support #BlackLivesMatter

June 12, 2020

#AD #Influence(r) #Runwithme

Using my #sponsored partnership in a different way… Click HERE, read my call to action & join me for a virtual 5k that was meant for one thing and became something else. 

Donate and sign up. Links below

Chicago Birth Works is a Black-founded full service doula collective that provides resources, education and advocacy for Black moms and families in Chicago. Donate HERE. Follow them HERE.

The Corner Store Chicago is a black-founded non profit that connects youth to mental health resources and creative arts outlets. Donate HERE. Follow them HERE.

Brave Space Alliance is a Black & Trans-led  LGBTQ center focusing on the Southside of Chicago. Donate HERE. Follow them HERE

BOB gear Virtual 5k. Sign up HERE 

For me, it comes down to mothers and children. Treating Black mothers and women with the care and respect they deserve, loving their children as I do my own and supporting their mental health and creativity. Lastly, it’s loving these children no matter their differences, sexual orientation or gender identities. So these children grow up learning self-love, self-worth and know they are supported in who they were born as and what their future holds. We must implement support in pursuit of change so they can experience a different world than the one thats lasted far too long. That change isn’t going to happen with just a run.

Join me in this virtual 5k as we run to raise money in support of these organizations doing the WORK. In support of Black lives and in honor of all the Black lives taken too soon. We’ve got a lot of work to do and it’s not going to be a sprint. This is a life long marathon. With the support of BOB gear, I changed the intention of my sponsorship. I am donating $300. $100 for every mile. I am also donating the payment i’ve received from this partnership in its entirety. I’d love to see you tag and document your 5K in addition to mentioning who you are running for. And to those who love a “race”….match me. 

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