A little about me

April 17, 2020

Get to know me a bit better. A few fun facts…

  • I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • I believe in numerology and the importance/significance of numbers. I am a 4 and my favorite numbers are 4 & 13. I have them tattooed on my right forearm.
  • When I was little, I wanted to be Judy Garland or Michelle Pfifer (“Cool Rider”, Grease 2 Michelle Pfifer)….Then Britney Spears. It was either Broadway or “pop star” for me. 
  • I am the middle child. I have two sisters. 
  • The first concert I ever saw was Paula Abdul in 1992. Color Me Bad was her opening act. 
  • I started working in fitness as a side hustle and hobby, teaching barre and “dance fitness”. 
  • I severely injured my ankle at the final callback of an audition in 2015. I haven’t “danced” since.
  • When I was younger I played soccer, ran track and danced competitively. Outside of dancing, my father was always my coach. The disciplinary “laps around the field” were given often. HAHA
  • They say those with the Sagittarius sign have a “sixth sense” and I fully believe I that. Long winded stories about why I think that… I’ll spare you.
  • I got married on Friday the 13th, during a full moon. 
  • My favorite movies are Meet Me in St. Louis, Hello Dolly and Singing in the Rain. 
  • My son, Arthur, is named after my grandfather. I have Art’s birthday tattooed on my left forearm, which happens to be one of my best friends birthdays as well.
  • My husband is a “retired stage actor” turned Pastry Chef. (How about that transition?!). He makes bread/pastries for a living and I work in fitness…Oh the irony. Let’s just say I follow a very balanced diet.
  • I met my husband, while performing in West Side Story, in college. He played “Baby John” and I was one of the “jets girlfriends”. Aka “dancer who could sing”.
  • My closest girlfriends and I hold no shame in what is said when together. We consistently do “the work” in our own lives, so we can be supportive for theirs. It’s a small circle, but a really good one… and the conversation is JUICY.
  • I am an ‘affect’ junkie. There is nothing more powerful than emotionally understanding another person at their core. I like the “woo-y” nature of conversation. My father was a bit of a hippie and my mother is a phycologist. I must be a strange combination of the two
  • I never leave my house to teach without a full face of makeup, my hair done and some sort of earring. Even if its before 5am. It’s my thing. (Although in our current pandemic state, i’m starting to question the before 5am thing…how did I do that?!)
  • If I didn’t work in fitness I’d possibly be a producer (film/stage/events) or a stylist.
  • If I went back to school I’d study sociology, design or stage/film production. School is NOT my thing. That most likely won’t occur. 
  • I love vacuuming. It’s odd, i’m aware. 
  • My family houses at least FIVE different religious beliefs. All of which are respected and honored.
  • When I danced for Kanye West, the dancers were in the same dressing room space as Jill Scott! Not to mention, we rehearsed in the Saints Locker room at the Super Dome for Essence Fest! (Ummmmm talk about an OMG moment).
  • I’ve ran four half marathons, a handful of others and 1 olympic distance triathlon. I don’t love running, but I LOVE a challenge.
  • Launching this website scares the shit out of me. I feel extremely self-conscious about it. Like there are other people out there “doing it better” or ” who the fuck cares about me and what I have to say…”, which is exactly why I HAVE to see it through.

  1. Rachel Kardon says:

    HOLLY!! YAY! This all looks amazing! I first met Holly when she taught my Barry’s class! I was intimidated by her and scared to challenge myself! I skipped a few of her classes (don’t kill me) cause I just thought I wasn’t good enough for one of Holly’s bad ass classes! Well I was wrong! Holly told me to show up and make the commitment AND hold myself accountable- so I did just that and it was the best decision ever because I am stronger than ever and know I can handle whatever challenge is throw at me! It’s crazy how much of an impact Holly has made in my life! Couldn’t thank her enough! Love your site and can’t wait for what’s next!

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