Meet Holly Keskey-Koester

Holly grew up a young athlete and dancer.

She continued her pursuit of the performing arts and received her BFA in dance and choreography from UW-Milwaukee Wisconsin. After college, she performed with numerous modern dance companies and musicians, such as recording artist Kanye West.

She has been in the fitness industry for 9+ years with a history of teaching Barre, Cardio, Strength Training, Dance Fitness, HIIT, Pre & Postnatal fitness and more. You can find her now as a Senior Instructor at Barrys Chicago. Holly has worked with such brands as Women's Health, Men's Health, Well + Good, & Lululemon to name a few.

Holly is a proud mama to her son, Arthur, and the wife of Pastry Chef, Daniel Koester. Holly and her family reside in Chicago. 

On here you’ll find fitness videos to take with you on the go or at home. Me giving you the nitty gritty on form and focus so you can prevent injuries and poor training habits. It's the heart of what I do and where my passion lives.

You’ll find articles regarding overall health and wellbeing. You'll find interviews and conversations with people that I think are truly amazing and thought provokers. A space where subject matter may be light hearted or otherwise. I want to wrap my hands around the things no one has the guts to approach and serve it up on a silver platter. I am no expert in these fields, so I will bring you those who are & get those questions answered. Collaboration is key, because no one can do it all, so why attempt it.

It’s a hodge-podge of stuff to lay out on a social space, but that’s who I am; a giant fucking melting pot of experience, expertise, failures and successes. 

Major gratitude to you for logging on and joining my ride. It’s a messy beautiful life, but why don’t we do it with a strong body, a fit mind and the support of one another. I hope you’re ready for sweaty workouts, bold statements, curse words, intentional disruption and a lot of passion.


It is so amazing to have you swing by the site and see what I’ve been up to. I am many things and have a laundry list of accomplishments and jobs, but what I would like to get across is that I am nothing special. I am just a chick trying to figure shit out, be kind, live honestly, work hard to create a life well-lived, be the best mother, wife and trainer possible. I am, absolutely, an imperfect being, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do or achieve all the things my giant, and over emotional, heart desires. And guess what?! Same goes for you.

Everything on this site is from my direction, tone of voice or perspective. I have, in no way, figured out the magic formula to achieving “it all”. I am intrigued and interested in people and their stories.

I utilize a "mind-body connection" every day. I teach fitness with focus on detail and execution, but I coach from a space of “mindful fitness”. I am a tough bitch. There is zero bullshit when it comes to my class, but it always comes from a place of intense desire to get you where you want to go. Because, I know you can, and my hope is for you to see it in yourself. Let’s work on the strength of your body & the strength of your mind. Because without one, you can’t fully tap in to the other.

I love to watch the body move, see how people carry themselves and what that says about their lives. There is nothing more breathtaking than seeing someone do something they thought they couldn’t. I like to ask questions, get deep, seek help, get uncomfortable, cry, laugh, sweat, love, feel, listen, help, comfort... There is more to a person than just their physical body, which is where this whole concept began.

What’s up, everyone?!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

BARRE Certified- NASM/ACE via exhale

Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

AFPA Pre-Post Natal Fitness Certification

BFA- Dance & Choreography

Yale University - The Science of Well-Being 

My certifications include:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
BARRE Certified- NASM/ACE via exhale
Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist
AFPA Pre-PostNatal Fitness Certification
BFA- Dance & Choreography
Yale University - The Science of Well-Being 

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