With a wide range of expertise and experience, from traditional dance training to strength training, Holly has put together a variety of her favorite sequences and disciplines to do at home or take with you on the go. Known for her attention to detail and form, Holly provides cues to keep you in proper alignment and moving intentionally. The perfect recipe to provide results and prevent injury. 

Short on time? Something is better than nothing. Turn on one of our short videos to break a quick sweat, or layer them together to get a full-body burn. 

Alignment. Intention. Breath. Power. 

MOVE with me

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so they say...

Maggie U.

"Holly isn't just an inspirational instructor, she's an inspirational human being.

I've had the opportunity to know Holly as a boss, a mentor, a peer, a coach, and a friend. No matter the occasion, she shows up 100%, and strikes this incredible balance of strength and integrity, alongside vulnerability and approachability. If you're lucky enough to take her class, you'll walk out feeling stronger and empowered."

Esther S.

“Holly is, undoubtedly, the most skilled instructor I have ever taken class with. But what Holly offers is so much more than that. 

I took class with holly 3-5x per week and noticed so many changes within me. I became stronger, noticed change in my body, but I also became more confident as an individual because I felt so accomplished after class. Holly motivates you to do what you think you can’t. I have not been able to attend a class with Holly in 4 years because I moved, but amazingly, her voice is STILL in my head during EVERY work out. Holly’s impact on my mind-body connection will stay with me forever. In the fitness industry, Holly is simply as good as it gets.”

Melissa C.

“Holly is one of my favorite fitness instructors of all time.

I've been attending fitness classes since 1980, every variety, genre and type of health club/boutique class known to man. Holly is extremely knowledgeable, her explanations make sense and are easily transferable to any body or mind. I started barre, in my 50s, about 8 years ago. Holly was always challenging me to extend myself yet I never ever felt unsafe. That is very empowering and a tough compromise she never failed to attain. Knowledge and safety are important, but it's Holly's energy and compassion that puts her ahead of the pack. It's a talent to make someone laugh when they think they can't do one more squat! Her wisdom in her knowledge base and in meeting people where they are in their fitness journey… that is her magic!”

Rachel S.

“Holly is one of the most driven woman I know. Her honesty, refreshing. Her commitment to goals, unmatched. Her kindness, something I'm lucky to experience.

We first met years ago in a group fitness environment. I so enjoyed her class, her musicality, and the attention she found a way to give to each and every student. Over the years I was lucky enough to train with her one-on-one. We did this during a challenging time for me, when I was trying to grow our family with my husband but it just wasn't our time. She helped me focus on my strength physically, but it also tapped into building my confidence and strength emotionally. She motivated me to find a type of fitness that made me feel good when I was sad, strong when I felt weak, committed when I felt like giving up. During that time she expressed her desire to grow in her fitness journey. In a short time, it went from a dream to a very real reality and now she's kicking a** in every way. All while being a present and devoted mother and wife. She's truly inspiring to anyone who has the pleasure of meeting and getting to know her. She's pretty outstanding!”


“Holly is one of the first instructor’s that I consistently starting working out with. Holly is full of energy, a genuine soul, and beyond knowledgeable with what she programs into her workouts.

She pushes you to your limit, not out of instilling fear, but by tapping into that spot in your mind that tells each of us ‘you can do it.’ She sincerely cares about who you are as a person and wants to see you succeed INSIDE your workout so that it translates into how you succeed OUTSIDE of your workout. I could write page after page about what Holly has done to transform my body and make me feel strong, but my mind is what is truly important to me. It's confidence, pride, self-respect and the passion for exercise. She helps you find those parts of you that you have lost, or maybe have never found, and for that I am beyond grateful.”