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From the physical to the mental, here you’ll find letters, interviews and collaborations with the best of the best in the wellness field. Creating space for all that wants to be said. And holding space for all that wants to be heard. 

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Through an athletic lifetime driven by understanding, utilizing and caring for the body, she has decided to bring you access to the “methods” that she has experimented with, practiced and pursued.

With the physical must come the mental, and with a lifetime of hyper-focus on the body, came a struggle and (mis)understanding of how the mind must remain just as strong as the body. Without cohesive strength, an extreme imbalance of gratitude and care for your body may take place.

She is a believer in coaching her fitness classes from a place of education, rhythm, and awareness with a strong, intense and honest motivational stand for her students power and greatness. It’s her belief that you can have what you desire if you simply get out of your own way. 

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Holly is former professional dancer turned seasoned fitness professional.

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Maggie U.

"Holly isn't just an inspirational instructor, she's an inspirational human being.

I've had the opportunity to know Holly as a boss, a mentor, a peer, a coach, and a friend. No matter the occasion, she shows up 100%, and strikes this incredible balance of strength and integrity, alongside vulnerability and approachability. If you're lucky enough to take her class, you'll walk out feeling stronger and empowered."

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