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Gina E.

“Holly is one of my favorite instructors in Chicago for so many reasons, but the reason that is most top of mind for me is that she is incredibly motivating.

Her music is amazing, the structure of classes is so smart, and 100% of the time I leave feeling accomplished and proud because of her support and guidance.”

Mallory M.

“Living in a big city, it is important to find instructors and mentors that know how to command a room in a way that will lift your spirit, push you to limits you didn't know exist and and inspire you to look within. Holly is that person.

She is very well-informed and educated on what it takes to maintain a healthy, yet balanced, lifestyle and is a badass chick who is just as motivating and enthusiastic in a training session as she is kind and relate-able on a coffee date. I've witnessed her compassion for family, friends and clients first hand and feel so lucky to have her in my life both in and outside the studio.”

Chioma N.

“I have had the pleasure of being a student in many of Holly’s classes. She has an incredible way of motivating you in wanting to kick your OWN ass during class!

Her programming is incredibly smart and attention to detail truly sets her apart. She stresses the importance of correct form versus how fast or many reps - quality over quantity ALWAYS. Holly is a natural leader whose motivational and inspirational teachings transcend the fitness studio doors. Trust in Holly, she will never steer you wrong!”

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