Strength of the body + Strength of the mind

The connection of the two cultivates a life well lived.

Let’s move and sweat; go deep and understand. 

Your purpose and your power have always been in you. 
It’s time to find your strength and unleash your best self.

Welcome to, a space that is centered around clear, intentional fitness, and overall well-being. This site will extend outward towards motivation, inspiration, conversation and community collaboration.

The goal is to bring you more than "easy-access" fitness. My hope is that together, along with many of my inspiring friends and mentors, we can tap into your strength physically, so you can “lean in" to your strength internally.

Strength of the body cannot be fully cultivated if you don’t have strength of the mind. If we work on these facets together, the possibility of accessing your fullest potential becomes your reality instead of just a vision. You can make the choice to start living inside your life instead of just through it. 

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Holly is a former professional dancer turned seasoned fitness professional. You can find her spitting cues, and motivating her clients, as a Sr. Instructor at Barrys Chicago. Through an athletic lifetime driven by understanding, utilizing and caring for the body, she has decided to bring you access to the “methods” that she has experimented with, practiced and pursued.

She is a believer in coaching her fitness classes from a place of education, rhythm, and awareness. She takes a strong, intense and honest motivational stand for her students' power and greatness. It’s her belief that you can have what you desire if you simply get out of your own way. 

meet holly

Alignment. Intention. Breathe. Power.

Holly gives you access to a variety of fitness methods and disciplines for you to take anywhere. Known for her attention to detail, Holly provides you cues to keep you in proper alignment and moving intentionally. The perfect recipe to provide results, prevent injury.


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