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April 16, 2020

“WTF is it?” and why I’m doing it…

When I first thought about creating a website, my only intention was to house fitness. Videos, cues, educational information regarding how to move your body and why. As I mulled over this idea, for almost 2 years now, I realized that concept doesn’t fully embody what I do and how I do it. Being fit and strong is a major motivator for me when it comes to working out or teaching. However, accessing a person’s mental strength to push beyond the limits they’ve created for themselves is my true passion. In fact, I’ve come to realize it’s my “purpose”. Whether it’s found via conversation or through a fitness platform, this purpose is what awakens me, brings me clarity and focus.

As someone who is intrigued by the body and watching it move, it is very clear that there is more to a person’s physical self than just the muscle and the flesh that we see. There is a story, a resource of experience, a volume of successes and failures…all of which contribute to the way that person moves and why they appear the way they do. As someone who danced most of my life, as well as created choreography and pieces of work, I know movement can tell a story. Because of this, I wanted to dive deeper. 

“Creating Space” & “Holding Space” are terms I was introduced to while dancing. This referred to using space, or the lack of space, to create choreography or movement. Fast forward to being a part-time employee at lululemon, and being re-introduced to these terms through a completely different lens. Holding Space or Creating Space, although a little jargon-y, was used daily when training or connecting with your team. Someone must create an environment for things to be shared, and then must HOLD or maintain that space for an individual to act or speak freely without judgement or suggestion. First, it’s created and then it’s held. We see this in the offices of most medical/mental health professionals, in creative spaces for artists, and now we are hearing these terms frequently used since the “self-care” movement really took off. 

I learn best from listening to people’s experiences, their “whys”. Specifically from people who aren’t like me and don’t think like me. I gain an even greater understanding by observing them. It informs my decisions and forces me to think about my next move. Sharing and receiving from others develops empathy and understanding. This openly displays how different we all are, while just as equally proving that we at our core are all the same. 

I would love to see and hear more people having real and honest conversations with their platforms/communities. Conversation that may be uncomfortable, vulnerable, light-hearted or otherwise. Specifically, in a space that has been created for that type of conversation, and then held for that exchange to take place safely and in a caring manner.

So how does this relate to fitness…HOLD ON! I HAVE A POINT!

Through my on again/off again years of therapy, self-work, and personal experiences, I’ve come to realize that the clearer and healthier my mind is, the stronger and healthier my body is. This is why I approach my teachings and trainings the way I do. 

I have chosen to name my blog SPACE HOLD because I want to create a space for all of the things that need to be said and hold space so it can be heard. 

While I am a fitness professional, I am NOT a professional in the mental health field, nor am I a certified nutritionist, a physician, a relationship expert, etc. I will seek out trained, educated, and experienced professionals to create informed conversations that have no limits and very clear intentions. A space where we can ask questions, openly, and get some answers. A space where I can interview those who have been through the trenches, so we can all practice empathy and implement what we’ve learned in our lives. In and outside the gym. 

What to expect:

  • Topics to be explored with an article on why it has been chosen
  • Interviews with 1-2 individuals who have experiences to share on the topic at hand and what they’ve learned from those experiences
  • Conversations with professionals in relevant fields to help us understand the topic and implement skills and tools into our everyday lives to navigate them

The topics will run the gamut. Our lives are multifaceted and our conversations should be too.

I cannot wait to open up and hold this space. So tell me: What do you want to read or hear? What are you willing to expose in order to work through? Lemme have it.

With gratitude, 


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